What’s so special about the Avari Treadmill?

avari treadmillIf you are going to buy a treadmill to keep yourself healthy and fit at your home then you will know about the vast competition present in the market. By now you must be thoroughly confused about what to buy and what not to. You might be noticing that all the treadmills come with different features and many of them could be exceeding your budget.

Your saviour at this time of need is the Avari Magnetic Treadmill. This treadmill is a great product that comes at a very less cost. Generally, buyers have a thought that the things which are less costly are less reliable. However, this though does not apply in the case of this treadmill. This home fitness machine will not only keep you fit, but its various features will amaze you. Its basic features are described briefly for your consideration.


The design of the monitor which comes with this treadmill is very basic. However, don’t go by its look as it’s extremely effective. You can see different parameters required for your daily dose of fitness in this screen in a very accurate manner, which help you to plan your fitness regime properly. These parameters are distance, speed, calories which are burned during the workout and time. As this is a manually powered treadmill, it doesn’t measure your pulse during your workout regime.

Powering system

One of the interesting facts about Avari, which makes different products from many of the leading treadmills, is that it doesn’t have any motor. It is powered manually which means that the exertion level of your daily regime will decide the type of workout that you will get. To make it simpler, you can assume that if you walk slowly then the mode is equivalent to a low setting on the normal treadmill with motor. And likewise, when you run fast, it is a high setting. Normal jogging is like a medium setting in the treadmills driven by motors.

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This system has many significant benefits which are given below.

  • Price: Due to this powering system, its price is very low compared to motor treadmills.
  • Silent: When it’s in operation mode, it produces a very low noise.
  • No electricity: It doesn’t need an electrical outlet, so it can be used everywhere.

Warranty, inclination and resistance level

There are eight different level of resistance from which you can choose. These levels can be handled using the knobs present in the treadmill. These resistance levels are very effective in nature and will provide you the challenge that you are expecting.

The level of inclination is fixed at 8 degrees and can’t be changed. As far as warranty is concerned, it comes with a 3 year warranty for the full frame and 90 days warranty for the different parts.

Dimension and storage

It comes in a dimension of 47 x 26 x 44 inches. Its weight is 66 pounds and the maximum capacity for user weight is around 250 pounds. It is a little heavier than its kind of treadmill but the wheels which are present in the bottom makes it very easy to move. It can be folded easily too, so storage of this machine is not an issue at all.

Comfortable experience

One thing that Avari loves to offer their customers is comfort. This treadmill too is designed to provide the optimum comfort during your workout. The surface of the treadmill where you will be jogging or walking is made with a material which is non-slip in nature and textured properly. To prevent the treadmill from wobbling, it has dual weighted flywheels. This feature keeps it very firm when you are in the middle of your exercise routine. The bar like handles which is rarely present in other manual treadmills is padded properly for better grip and comfort.

User reviews and their complaints

avari magnetic treadmillEvery user of this treadmill has admitted that it is extremely budgeting friendly. Eighty percent of its users have given it 4 stars out of 5. They admire its feature and find it not only very easy to assemble, but also very easy to use. The only problem which is faced by many users is its fixed inclination. However, it’s still admired because most of the manual treadmills don’t provide any kind of inclination.

After reading this review, you know now that this Avari Magnetic Treadmill is designed perfectly for those budget conscious customers who are looking for a simple and cheap way to stay fit inside the comfort of their house. All its features are extremely basic in nature, but they are very effective in the work they do. So if you are also looking for this kind of budget friendly treadmill, then maybe this is the right choice for you.

List Price: $187.95
Current Price: $170.20
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