Best inversion table reviews. Say goodbye to stress and fatigue!

No more nagging back pains. These wonder machines, some of the best rated inversion table, will bring complete relief to your spine and back muscles. You can now go about your everyday work with ease.

Therapeutic benefits are derived from inversion therapy which involves the person being upside down or at an inverted angle. This therapy, apart from providing relief to you back muscles improves the posture of the spine and also improves blood circulation of the entire body.

Therefore, in order to make full use of this therapy, and to optimise your workouts, it is highly essential to consider buying the very best products in the market.

Personal therapists and trainers have considered some of the best tables in the present day market. Let us take a look at what are the best inversion table types and their reviews.

  • Teeter Hang Ups EP – 560 – It is a conventional foam table and comes 90% pre- assembled. It features locking arrangements and foam backed ankle supports. The lower back is provided with comfort and relief because of acupressure nodes and a limner bridge.
  • Teeter Hang Ups EP – 950 – This model is good value for money and it comes with a helpful instructional DVD. The friction swing is smooth and low; but it can easily be adjusted to medium or high impact swings.
  • Ironman Table with Memory Foam – This table has a strong body which makes it durable. It is made of tubular steel frame and can bear heavy weights and tall heights. It has ankle supports, tubular supports and can be easily folded.
  • Body Champ IT8070 Therapy Table – This machine is easy on the pocket and very popular. This inversion model could be given a thought when one is thinking, what is the best inversion table. It includes the deluxe dual-pin adjustment system which makes this model easily adjustable. Foam rollers are present to reduce stress on the ankles. It also comes with a spring-loaded pull pin and the inverting may be controlled with safety straps.
  • Body Max Table Therapy – IT6000 Version – Easy to use and affordable, it is one of those machines which have good value for money. It has a capacity of 250 pounds and its height can easily be adjusted to suit a 6’3” person. You just need to use the ankle support to rest your ankles and lower yourself gently backwards.

While considering on purchasing such a product, some of the reviewssuggest that there are some features which you should keep in mind. What are they?

These models should be heavy duty, sturdy and compact and have ample amount of back support. They should also have good ankle support, reduce gravity-related pull on joints and make it easier to do specific workouts. Models that come with foam pads and head rests will give complete comfort and relaxation to your entire body.

The best fitness inversion table will elongate you spine relive your back muscles of tension permanently!

Health benefits of Using Inversion Tables


– It Helps in relaxing your Back Muscles

– Helps your maintain a Body Posture

– Permanent and Fast Relief from Back Pain

– It helps you Relieves Body Stress from your Neck and Pain

– Good I Tables will help to stimulates the flow of blood in your body which will help you feel more refresh and energetic

– It helps you get a Good Ab Muscles.


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