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Stamina Inmotion e1000 ellipticalThe Stamina inmotion e1000 elliptical trainer is a handy product for those people, who are looking to carry out great workout sessions. These are perfectly meant for those individuals who want to do their workouts at home, rather than visit a gym, and also lack a lot of space around the house that treadmills are generally likely to take up. This product is actually very crafty and offers a good number of features compared to other similar products in its category. Therefore, taking a look at stamina inmotion elliptical trainer reviews should help you arrive at the right decision regarding the product.

Brand value

This product is of a very good make. It comes from the well trusted brand, Stamina that has been in the business for about three decades now, and a well established line of products, stamina inmotion. The company outperforms most other brands in this respect. They provide their customers with superior quality products and also maintain effective after sales services.


Product build

The stamina inmotion e1000 is of a solid build. There is no compromise at all in this sphere. It has been made compact and yet, lightweight which makes portability easy. There is no question of the product’s durability since it is made from sturdy steel. The foot pedals are non-slippery in nature and that ensure that you don’t lose balance while working out. If you are looking for some support, then you can also consider the stamina inmotion elliptical trainer with handle. This happens to be a very good addition to the already nifty product. It can hold about 250 lbs. weight during workouts. On an overall scale, you won’t be complaining about this product at all.


Other specifications and features

The dimensions of this stamina inmotion elliptical trainer are 26.75L x 18.75 x 49.5H inches, and it weighs roughly around 37 pounds. Therefore, the product is relatively small and yet, strong. There is the presence of a totally adjustable tension for carrying out a range of different workouts. You can also look forward to viewing all of your workout statistics (strides per minute, total number of strides, total exercise time, calories burned) on the electronic fitness monitor of the stamina inmotion elliptical.


Factors to consider

e-1000 ellipticalWhen you are looking to buy a product like that of the stamina inmotion e-1000 elliptical trainer, there are certain things you must pay attention to. This product is perfectly fine if you are looking for something that gives you good workout options within a small budget or in a small place, like the home or the office. If you have a larger availability of space, and if your budget permits, then you might want to buy a stamina inmotion treadmill. These come with some more features comparatively. Also, you might want to have a company service center close to your address, just in case you require quick servicing or setting up of the product.


The stamina 55-1610 inmotion e1000 elliptical trainer is a very good product that comes at a very affordable price of around $90. This after all, might just be the perfect workout companion you are searching for!

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