Strengthening leg muscles? Use the best ankle weights!

Strengthening leg musclesAs the name suggests, ankle weights are pouches which are filled with water or sand, and can be easily strapped around the ankle so as to improve endurance and strength of the leg muscles. Their usage has gained popularity and it is not surprising that many people today do ankle weight work.

Not only do these items help to strengthen your leg muscles such as the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes, but some of the ankle weight benefits are that they help to increase versatility throughout the body because various types of workouts include lifting the ankle off the ground. Thus cardiovascular muscles too get a solid workout.

Some of the best featured products which are available in the market today are:


  • All Pro Weight – These weights are adjustable and carry a maximum weight of 5 lbs on each ankle. These weights can be completely adjustable. They are very comfortable as they provide padded cushioning at the ankle and heel.

all pro ankle weight


  • Da Vinci Adjustable Weights – These come in five different pairs and can be used for the ankles or for the wrists. Therefore it offers dual functions. It is made of soft cloth on the insides, enabling good moisture absorption. The Velcro bands are adjustable and give a secure and comfortable fit.

da vinci ankle weight


  • Reebok Sets – These weights are very durable and great during ankle weight training. They add intensity for workout sessions. It has a hook and loop closure which is easy to use and adjustable.

reebok ankle weight

  • Thera-band Comfort Fit – This product is sold in pairs of twos and it comes in three colour-coded pairs. It helps while doing ankle weight exercises by not allowing the discomfort of having excess weight strapped around your ankles or wrists. These weights are reasonable and definitely provide good value for money, so they are worth the buy!

thera band ankle weight


 What are the benefits of ankle weight training for men?


Men need to have high levels of strength and stamina in their legs because activities like golf, rugby or football for instance require high endurance. Athletes too need to spend a lot of time working out on their lower body. And what better way to do so than use ankle weights?


So how can you improve your leg muscles?


Ankle weight running can boost your workout especially if you’re running shot of time. Wearing of these during running helps in increasing your stamina. Therefore making your muscles work harder and resulting in faster growth. Wearing them during running will help in faster weight loss by burning 5 to 15% of calories than running or walking without these weights. Therefore, voila! You have to spend less time working out. This is especially useful for people who have a tight schedule and less gym time. Running with these weights will help tone you calf, thigh, abdominal and buttocks muscles, and will also boost your metabolism.



– All Pro Weight 

– Da Vinci Adjustable Weights

– Reebok Sets

– Thera-band Comfort Fit

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