Tone up your abs. Check out these adjustable weight bench reviews!

A weight bench is a one- stop solution for any part of body workout that you would like to do. It helps to keep the body in good shape, as well as reduces the number of injuries that one would normally incur while doing any rigorous workouts. Amongst the different kinds of such products, the adjustable weight bench is one which is the most beneficial. A good adjustable bench is even better because it is a resource to a well rounded workout, which would otherwise be impossible to obtain from a flat one.


Some of the best adjustable weight benches are:


Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1

  • Blowflex Series 3.1 – This can be adjusted to four different positions and one can perform over 30 various kinds of exercises on this. Thus it is one of the best weight bench adjustable devices one can possibly find! Added to this advantage is that its frame comes with a 15 year warranty and the upholstery has a one year warranty. Also, if you do not need additional decline position support, you can easily remove the leg hold-down brace.
Blowflex Select Tech Series 5.1

  • Blowflex Select Tech Series 5.1 – It is an upgrade from the 3.1 series and it comes with more benefits and features. It is adjustable up to six different positions and can be inclined up to 90 degrees as well as declined to 17 degrees. Another advantage of using this product is that it stabilizes one’s posture and position during free weight workouts.

Cap Barbell Bench

  • Cap Barbell Bench – This product can be adjusted to four different settings- incline, decline, upright and flat. It is comfortable as the handgrips are padded with thick foam and it can support weights up to 250 pounds. You can also enjoy easy access to weights as there is a dumbbell holder.


You can also take a look at the Ironmaster bench which is a highly recommended one. It is a multifunctional bench with a lot of attachments. It saves space and therefore is ideal for your home if you want to keep it clutter free. It is strong, comfortable, and durable and will serve you many years, without you having to think of getting another device.



What is the best adjustable weight lifting bench? Let us take a look!


It is undoubtedly the Ironmaster Super Bench. It is especially designed to serve heavy duty and is rated 1000 pounds. It can be adjusted easily to 11 different angles, which range from decline to upright. It has a foot lever, which makes the adjustment unique and one of a kind. It does not need wheels. It can be easily lifted and moved around! Optional attachments like the crunch sit-up dip bar handles and chin up bar, add more versatility to this machine. It is 90% pre-assembled, so you won’t need to wait long before you can start an awesome workout!

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